James Agnelli (20's) is an aspiring stand up comic who quit his stable desk job in order to pursue something more in life. The only problem is that he isn't funny. People call him the "numbers guy" but he's out to prove that he's more than that. 

James is a classic example of a millennial who has done everything right in his life, yet he feels empty and unfulfilled. A quarter life crisis and his social awkwardness spark a fire in James that will lead to some very unexpected self-discoveries.

Vicky Sellers, (20’s) is an artist at heart but after moving out to California and getting entangled with the wrong crowd, Vicky finds herself in rehab.

After moving back to Long Island, her dad tells her he’s moving to Florida and she decides to live with her reckless half-brother, Rick.

Vicky uses her sharp wit and graphic design skills to be a contributing member of the gang but she knows LIL is just for now and is saving up money to go travel. As she begins to fall off the rails, a deep family secret is revealed and Vicky is inspired to stay as a permanent member of the team.

Donny Martin (40's) looks like a beautiful bald woman, and he sometimes dresses up like one too. Donny has a flair for the dramatics, and years for the spotlight. He is cynical, chronically late, and one of Long Island Lights “Best Craigslist Finds”. Donny is also Vicky’s best friend, and she is his secret keeper (he has a big gay crush on Rick). His drama queen ways usually get the group further from their goal and deeper into trouble.

Abigail Kamali, is a type A, hyper focused, young producer working for Told U So Productions. She also happens to be Vicky’s high school frenemy and the two have an ongoing rivalry that entangles James once he begins to date Abigail. On the surface, Abigail is bubbly and pleasant in a way that is over the top.  However, when things don’t go Abigail’s way she usually switches gears really fast. As her relationship with James begins to implode she schemes up a way to release incriminating footage of LIL in hopes of putting them out of business. The failure of her plan paves the way for James and Vicky to step up and bring Long Island Lights to a new level.

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Marco Agnelli (20's) is James’s older brother, his huskier counterpart, and one of the most lovable people you will ever meet. He is spirited, eccentric, and someone who is “Yes-ing” the crap out of life. Marco is a nationally ranked Koi fish breeder, who has a flare fro salsa dancing, and a passion for Hispanic woman, particularly one Hispanic women – Jimena, his Grandpa’s live in-nurse. He can turn running a simple errand into a long-winded adventure, and you wouldn’t want anyone else by your side.


Rick Sellers - Early 50's, is the outlandish owner of the production company, Long Island Lights. He has never heard of the Political Correctness Movement, but he is one lawsuit away from hearing a whole lot about it.

Originally a coach for a semi-pro female hockey team, Rick was fired after being embroiled in a sex, scotch and steroids scandal. To add insult to injury, he was fired by his own father, Mitch Sellers, who was the owner of the team.

Down and out, Rick decides to start Long Island Lights as a way to prove that he is not a failure. Always three drinks in, his false bravado thinly veils the insecurity and loneliness underneath.


Suzanne Gasparini (50’s) is the owner of Told U So Productions, the successful counterpart to Long Island Lights, and oddly enough, Rick’s ex-girlfriend from back in the 90’s. Suzanne doesn’t take shit from anyone, especially Rick. She looks down on Long Island Lights and views them as competition that needs to be squashed. Suzanne and Rick’s sexual tension combined with their competitivesness leads them to constantly sabotage each other’s success.