"Sometimes you've got to give crazy a chance..."

Long Island Lights is a half hour comedy about a group of misfits at an amateur production company on Long Island who are hungry to become rich and famous.

The series is produced by Scordio Productions and features the romantic story lines and co-worker drama of The Office, the goofy family dysfunction of Arrested Development and the dark and often raunchy humor of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

In today’s social media frenzy, fame can appear so accessible to everyone, and this hapless group is determined to become Hollywood famous on Long Island. So they come up with crazy ideas and stumble every step of the way on their quest for fame… even if it means being infamous.

In one episode they pitch MTV 1/2 to MTV executives - an idea where little people re-enact all popular TV shows. In another episode, they’re scouting the next Justin Bieber at the local playground and in another, they’re mixing Queer Eye for the Straight Guy with the Walking Dead to create a Gay Zombie Reality Show.

Although the humor can be irreverent, this is a story about millennials trying to find their way in life and the real issues they deal with from romance and success to redefining who you are in this age of hyper connectivity where you can feel small and disconnected. But in the end, what they are really chasing after is validation in a world where the “LIKE” button hails king.

We watch this hapless group fail over and over again but the real success comes in the life lessons they learn and the bonds that they form with one another.